Karnataka to use Drones in Governance


In keeping with the Government of Karnataka's policy to adopt and encourage the use of new technology for better governance, Shri.K.J George, Honarable Minister forIT/BT & ST and Large and Medium Scale industries, today launched a pilot project of Unmanned Aerial System or Drones with demonstrative applications in three specific areas of geovernance including Agriculture, Urban Development and Police Civic operations. These projects are the result of the Karnataka Knowledge Commission's recommendation to the state Government, under the Chairmanship of Dr.K. Kasthurirangan to undertake specific demonstrative applications with the objective to demonstrate and establish end-to-end practices for application of Drones in Governance. 


Launching the three pilot projects in governance, Shri.K J George said , "The Government of Karnataka is keen to promote the use of Drone technology and will shortly announce a policy for its use in agriculture, urban development and police civic operations. The policy will not only foucs on use of Drones but also on design and manufacture of drones locally. The Government of Karnataka has made a grant provision of Rs. 2.50 Crores for implimentation of these pilot projects. The Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society, a subsidiary organisation of the Department of Science and Technlology will implement these innovative Drone based pilot projects in close coordination with line Departments" 


In his address, Mr.Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary ,IT/BT &ST said "The key objective of this initiative is to enable the adoption of technology for better governance and effective administration. The Government of Karnataka is actively pushing uthe use of unmanned aerial systems in governance and the results of of these three projects would be compiled to develop operational guidelines for use by all Government departments. This will help in adoption of new and innovative technologies for enhanced governance as well as for monitoring and management of our natural resources, environment and disaster mitigations"


The Drone project for Agriculture is being taken up in Haveri Kasaba - Hobli in Haveri Taluk and District in an area of about 200 Sq.KM in order to assess the crop acreage, crop types, crop health and yield estimation. Drone operations will be carried out over a period of 3 mnoths during the crip life cycle in the current Kharif season. The implementatino ofthe project will be initiated coinciding with the inauguration of this event. Deputy Commissioner of Haveri will be launching the Drone operation for Agriculture applications in Haveri Kasaba Hobli, Haveri Taluk and District.


The Drone project for Urban Development will be taken up in Bantwal town covering an ara of 60 Sq.KM to prepare a detailed base bam in order to provide an input for preparation of master plan for systematic and scientific Town planning. Also, the property tax estimation will be carried out for the core town. The implementation of the project will be taken up in October 2018, immediately after the monsoon season. 


The Drone project for Police Civic Operations would include real-time crowd monitoring and surveillance basedon the calendar of events given by Police Department as well as vehicular traffic surveillance and management and will be carried out in selected places in Bangalore city over a period of 3 months. The implementation of the project will be coordinated by Police Department based on their calendar of events in due course of time.  

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Thursday, August 2, 2018
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